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About Recruitech International


Recruitech International has provided global search and staffing solutions in all areas of the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, CRO, Medical Devices, Information Technology and Healthcare Markets since 1997.View our current Openings!

Our Candidates are always fully pre-screened and verified prior to submittal to a client.  In addition to offering permanent career candidates to our clients, Recruitech International provides fully experienced,  award recognized “W-2” employees of our firm who we provide as temporary, on-site workers who are compensated, insured and fully maintained as a full or part time employee of Recruitech International.  If your team is in need of any industry outsourcing resources whatsoever, whether it be a career position that you are looking to fill or you need a short or long term professional(s) to fill in a necessary temporary gap, Recruitech International is a partner that you can rely on.  Recruitech International – Staffing solutions since 1997

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